Case Study: TechCare 360

Case Study:

TechCare360 was founded by Samuel and Rachel Ingram, in 2013, as Ingram IT Solutions. They are located in California’s San Joaquin Valley, in the town of Visalia, just West of Sequoia National Park. We caught up with Samuel to find out what makes TechCare360 different.

Why did you start TechCare360?

We set out to find a better way. Armed with feedback and best practices from a range of tech companies, and other businesses, we threw out the standard to create something new. Rather than rely on the typical industry way to do things, we design and fit our monthly service to fit each client’s needs. Our passion for people means we won’t sit idly by, we actively help. We aren’t technology professors, a big faceless corporation, or industry experts, we’re just people. Everyone is good at something, we just happen to be good with technology and want to use that talent to help others. TechCare360 is designed by business owners, for business owners.

What is important to you personally?

What is most important to us is our family, having great relationships, and helping other business people grow and succeed.

What is important to your company?

The most important thing to our company is people. The San Joaquin Valley has a large agricultural community that values family, trade, and collaboration. There’s a caring, small-town atmosphere here even though there are many business, entertainment, and cultural opportunities. Our motto (and we truly believe this) is that we should always “Be the solution.” Bringing helpful solutions to other businesses and people is our goal in every situation. Our relationship with our clients and our community comes first.

What are some of your customers’ common challenges and needs?

Some of the common pain points our potential clients deal with include inconsistent billing, surprise bills, hard to reach IT people, and a lack of communication. Every business faces different challenges. However, there seems to be one common need: our clients use technology every day to provide great products and services to their customers. If the technology fails, their customers suffer. Every business simply needs their technology to work… It’s our job to worry, so they don’t have to.

How do you connect with your customers?

We connect with our clients primarily through in-person support, strategy sessions, quarterly meetings, and special occasions. We also connect via phone, email, and through the TechCare360 help desk. This allows our clients to stay in the loop about any submitted issues. We enjoy connecting with our clients frequently to establish and build a relationship that is truly a partnership.