Customer Spotlight: Posana

Pack Square, the heart of downtown Asheville, N.C., has a long history of being the social, economic and political hub of Western North Carolina. The suburbanization of the 1970’s siphoned many shops and restaurants away from Pack Square. However, forty years later, we are experiencing a welcome resurgence of food and drink in the area.

Anchored on the Southwest corner of Pack Square is Posana, a contemporary American restaurant. The philosophy at Posana has always been to offer a seasonal menu that draws inspiration from local ingredients. In addition to their main location on Pack Square, Peter Pollay (Executive Chef) and his wife, Martha, are collaborating with McKibbon Hospitality on several new projects. One of which will reside in the newly built AC Hotel, in Asheville.

Posana nurtures strong relationships with local growers and producers. This enables them to offer the freshest ingredients available in every season. In 2015, Posana even added their own urban gardens. Their belief in operating ecologically is reflected by their support of the greater WNC food producing industry. This includes the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project (ASAP), for which they host an annual benefit dinner.

We recently visited Posana and sat down with Peter to talk about what how Posana came to be, and what makes it special. A rare behind-the-scenes glimpse of the kitchen revealed how everything is prepared from scratch

We understand the value of time and the power of freedom. Listening to Posana’s needs, and understanding their business’s nuances allowed us to build them a customized and flexible phone system.

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