The Fixers - Rolling Calls to Voicemail

by Derek Coté

A couple years ago, I was selling my house and called a realtor that came highly recommended to me. I was greeted by a series of rings but no answer⸺not even an auto attendant or voicemail prompt. I tried again, thinking it was a fluke, and received the same treatment. I ended up making a connection with another realtor I didn’t have any relation to because they actually answered the phone and directed me to someone right away.

Did you know that on average roughly 30% of all incoming calls end up in voicemail? That’s not a good for business. Moreover, a recent report by Forbes suggests that 80% of callers sent to voicemail do not leave a message because they don’t believe the messages will be heard or responded to.

Here The Fixers talk about rolling calls over to Voicemail, when not to do it, and how to set customer expectations.

Voicemail is a great tool. However, it should never take the place of a real live person, especially during regular business hours. Missed Calls = Lost Revenue. In this competitive business environment, it’s just too easy for potential customers to move on to another business if they don’t make that initial connection with you.

If this scenario sounds familiar, we can help. At Ringfree, we help all kinds of businesses, large and small, communicate effectively with their customers every single day. With features like Voicemail to Email, and Follow Me, we can make it seem like you’re in the office even if your on the golf course.

The Fixers is a 90-second video series that addresses simple, yet common, oversights in setting up your VoIP system. With the proper optimizations in place, VoIP systems are highly capable of boosting productivity and enhancing a customer’s experience with your company and your brand.

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