Hendersonville Co-op

The Hendersonville Co-op is an owner operated cooperative in Western North Carolina providing wholesome and natural foods, supplements, and health care products to the communities of Henderson County.

My name’s Gretchen and I’m the community outreach coordinator at the Co-op. I started as an owner and a shopper. The story of the Co-op is a story about people. We are literally the owners of the Co-op.

One of our guiding principles is commitment to sustainable communities. If we offer education about food and build out a demonstration kitchen that could act as education for learning how to cook some of the foods that are in the store, then they have an opportunity to make choices.

We have a “bring your own bag” program. We give you a chip and that little chip is worth ten cents. You take that chip to the foyer and you deposit it into one of the jars. At the end of the quarter we write a check to those non-profits that are helping to sustain our communities.

We were one of the first ones, I think, to take on Ringfree as our phone system. We needed to be able to communicate more efficiently when we needed to connect a person with a department head or to get a question answered, ’cause there are a lot of questions that come in and it’s really important that we be available with the answers.

To be on staff means that you’re also an owner of the store, so we have an investment in it. Like, we each have our own little department and our own little world that we’re really trying to make the very best that we can. But we also have to work together and so we discover a real individuation. We get a chance to be ourselves and bring our own care to what we’re doing personally so the bigger picture is meant to be for everybody. So we really show up for everyone. It’s pretty cool. It’s a nice place to work.

About Hendersonville Co-op

Our co-op began as a buying club in 1978 with a group of 15 families who were interested in buying wholesome food at discount prices. In 1983 HCC became incorporated. During its history, the co-op has had several locations before arriving at our present one on South Charleston Lane.

In the years leading up to 2016 we went through an expansion process to move our store to it’s new expanded location. Several of the founding members are still active in the co-op and during this time our membership has continued to rise. Approximately 2800 families and individuals share ownership of the co-op.

The mission of the Hendersonville Co‑op

As an owner operated cooperative, our mission is to provide organic and wholesome, natural foods, supplements and health care products, and to encourage informed choice through education and exceptional service to our customers and community.

Shared Ownership

Democratic member control is central to our decision making process. The input of our owners is continually sought out and used to inform co-op decisions.


We support and practice the responsible use of resources for current and future generations both in our business practices and in the products we carry.

Community Oriented

Our community is the driving force behind everything we do. Our decisions are based on what is best for our owners and the community at large.


We respond to the requests of our community and work to create a channel so that we may bring resources to the consumer through classes, literature, products and by employing a well informed staff.

Exceptional Service

Our knowledge of products is informed and in-depth. We are always available, to owners and customers alike, as we create a unique shopping experience.

Quality Affordable Products

Our purchasing decisions are made through thoughtful, researched and informed choices as we strive to bring you healthy, quality products at affordable prices.