Posana Restaurant

Posana, located in the heart of downtown Asheville, on Historic Pack Square, focuses on serving local, seasonable and sustainable cuisine – pure and simple. Premium ingredients are sourced from nearly 65 different local purveyors and farmers, and from their gardens in West Asheville. Since its inception, in 2009, the philosophy at Posana has been to offer a seasonal menu that draws inspiration from local ingredients. Meticulous attention to detail does not end with food and signature drinks. Peter and Martha Pollay spent months renovating the historic space with sustainable and green materials to create an inviting, modern dining room.

Strong relationships with local growers and producers enables Posana to offer the freshest ingredients available in every season. In 2015, the restaurant planted its own urban gardens in West Asheville, focusing on some of their favorite ingredients. Posana’s model for sustainability includes supporting the Appalachian Sustainable Agricultural Project (ASAP) and the greater Western North Carolina growing and food producing industry. Theses efforts serve to emphasize Posana’s philosophy of operating in an ecologically-conscious manner.

Executive Chef, Peter Pollay, is a Co-Owner of Posana with his wife, Martha. Together, they opened Posana, in 2009, as a café. Following extensive renovation, Posana became a full service restaurant, in 2013, offering a sophisticated local and seasonal menu to compliment the friendly, relaxed sentiment of the town. Since opening the restaurant, Peter has become heavily involved in the local farming community, launching his own urban garden in 2014 and hosting an annual benefit dinner supporting the ASAP’s Growing Minds Program. Martha is an avid photographer, bringing her skill and talent to Posana

Peter Pollay Quick Facts

Peter and Martha share a passion for travel. Experiencing the food while they travel is a must for Peter. The culinary style of each area is something that really interests Peter and inspires Martha’s thirst for photography capturing the local culture. These experiences, flavors and presentations have a deep impact on Chef Peter’s cuisine and Martha’s photography and it continues to be a strong influence for them both.

Peter, Martha and their two children are regularly at Posana, gathering for a family meal, interacting with their staff and meeting their customers.