Customer Spotlights

Highland Brewing Company


About Highland Brewing Company

As a locally owned and operated business, Highland Brewing Company’s guiding philosophy is to make Asheville a better place through community involvement. It is also the first legal brewery to operate in Asheville, North Carolina since prohibition. Read more »

Hendersonville Co-op


About Hendersonville Community Co-op

As an owner operated cooperative, our mission is to provide organic and wholesome, natural foods, supplements and health care products, and to encourage informed choice through education and exceptional service to our customers and community. Read more »

Annie’s Bakery


About Annie’s Bakery

You could say that the idea for Annie’s Bakery™ began forming the day that Joe and Annie met in 1991.

Joe, like his mother, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather before him, worked in his family’s Italian bakeries from an early age… Read more »

See what our customers are saying

“We take a lot of call-in orders here at Monte’s and Ringfree has made it so we don’t have to worry whether or not those calls are getting to us. They always do!” Dan and Monique Ruiz, Owners of Monte’s Sub Shop
Hendersonville, NC
“The quality and reliability of RingFree’s service have been important to our success and growth over the last few years. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.” Don Davis, Owner of Skyrunner Internet
Asheville, NC
“Ringfree has made our lives very efficient at Annie’s Bakery. Ringfree’s vital in terms of being able to communicate with our customers regularly.” Annie and Joe Ritota, Owners of Annie’s Bakery
Asheville, NC

Why VoIP?

Voip consistently outshines and outperforms legacy phone systems. Voip also costs thousands of dollars less and provides unlimited room for growth.

  • Flexibility:
    Seamlessly connect remote users and multiple locations on one phone system.
  • Features:
    • Conference Rooms
    • Call Reporting
    • Advanced Voicemail
    • Call Recording
    • Remote Offices
    • Call Forwarding

Why Ringfree?

There are plenty of Voip Providers to choose from. We’re different.

  • Trust: Our job is to earn and maintain your trust.
  • Transparency: Your monthly phone bill is free of taxes and fees.
  • Dedication: You’ll have an account representative that knows your name.

The Setup Process



Talk to us about your needs and goals. We’ll ask questions like:

  • Which features would be helpful to you?
  • What are your customers’ needs when they contact you?
  • What are your plans for business growth?

Plug In

Unbox and plug in your new phones. Before going live, you’ll have plenty of time to practice placing and transferring calls on your new phone system.


Final Configuration

We talk to you about setting up your system the way you need it.

  • Incoming calls directed to the appropriate person
  • Day, Night, and Holiday hours in place
  • Voicemail Greetings recorded
  • Call queues in place for high call volume
  • Conference rooms created

Porting Day

This is when your system goes live. Your phones are now fully functional and ready to do business. Congratulations!

Welcome to your new phone system!

  • Receive incoming calls on your usual telephone numbers and make outbound calls as needed.
  • Unlimited local and long distance calls
  • Toll Free and International calls
  • Contract Free Service

We’ve got your back

Our user-friendly training website and helpful support staff ensures your new phone system will always function how you want it to. Changes are simply a phone call away.

Free Support, Maintenance, and Upgrades
Your dedicated account representative is available to provide you with ongoing support, training, and updates whenever you need them. Feel free to email our support teams anytime – even if it’s just to say “Hi.”

Our Mission

Ringfree exists to create the systems, tools, and relationships that allow everyday communication to become a connection.

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