Call Center Analytics

Save Time, Optimize Your Workforce

RingFree’s analytics equips call center managers with customizable historical and live reports that are easy to generate. Quickly get the insights you need to optimize your customer’s experience.

Valuable Insights About Your Agents

Manage and monitor your call center with greater ease. When you switch to RingFree, you’ll have access to incredible data.

Live Data

RingFree’s Supervisor and Agent panels give your team actionable insights about what is happening right now in your call center across all queues and agents.

Call Monitoring

Ensure professional quality of your team’s training, customer service, and customer support by utilizing RingFree’s Listen, Whisper, Barge functionality.

Reporting Ability

Take advantage of real-time and historical dashboard monitoring for analyzing call history, activities, interaction volume, and patterns for quick root cause analysis and easier decision making.

Metrics For All Your Calls

  • Queue Reporting
  • All Agent Dumped Calls
  • All Agent Calls by Direction
  • All Agent Missed Calls
  • Distributions of Calls by Month, Week, Day, Hour
  • Agent Reporting
  • Agent Availability and Pauses Per Session
  • Agents Calls Per Direction
  • View Stats for All Calls
  • …and more
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