Which Business Phone System Is Best?

A business counts on its phone system to keep employees connected and to serve customers. Most workplaces now have an operational need to enable staff to work from home.

Landline phone service can’t match VoIP’s flexibility, features, and ease of use. Landline phones cannot be unplugged, taken home, and work exactly like they do at the office. RingFree phones can be moved without any reconfiguration.




Analog phone systems work using traditional landlines installed by the local phone company.How It WorksVoice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) uses your existing internet connection for phone calls.
Ease of Setup
Setup Cost
Calls drop or are routed to voicemail during power or internet outages.ReliabilityCalls can be routed. Even during an internet
outage, you can place and receive calls.
NoIntegrationsYes – CRM, Practice Management Software, Apps
NoFlexibilityYes – Easy to adjust call flows, work from anywhere, communicate with multiple devices

Plus, VoIP phone systems come with all these features included:

(Landline phone companies charge extra or require additional hardware installations.)

  • Auto Attendant (call flows)
  • Phone Number Privacy
  • Extension Dialing
  • SMS & MMS Messaging
  • Conference Calling
  • On Demand Call Recording
  • Voicemail to Email Transcription
  • Remote Work Capabilities

What Are The Advantages Of Using VoIP?

Greater Reliability

VoIP providers are often more reliable than their analog counterparts. Even in the event of an Internet outage, you can continue to place and receive calls using mobile softphones on your cell phone.

Better Sound Quality

Being internet-powered, VoIP providers can incorporate noise suppression technology to reduce disruptive background noise.

One thing to remember: the quality of your Internet connection can impact sound quality for voice and video calls, so make sure you have a reliable connection.

More Communication Channels & Features

A major advantage of VoIP is that it opens up the possibility of other communication channels.
RingFree is a unified communications platform that integrates different channels. You can place typical voice calls and conference calls — plus, send SMS and instant messages, and more. We even have a fully integrated contact center solution if you need it.

Cost Savings

A landline business telephone system is costly to run. Not only do you have to budget for expensive installation and maintenance costs, you’ll also need to think about the high cost of making long-distance calls.

Scaling your phone system is also costly and tricky with landlines, as you’ll need to fork out to have new lines installed whenever someone new joins the team.

VoIP is a much more cost-effective solution — no additional costs for things like expensive copper wiring or hardware installation.

With RingFree, you just pick a plan — and for an affordable monthly subscription fee, you get access to an extensive range of advanced features, on top of unlimited calling and unlimited SMS/MMS in the US.

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